Seven Musical 'Seinfeld' Guest Appearances We'd Like to See

By @Seinfeld2000


Hey! Have you just ever wondered what if Sienfeld was still on TV today, what would it be like? One thing I like to think about is not just what it WOULD be like, but what it COULD be like. Does that make sense?

So then a couple minute's ago, i just like 'What if all the most cool musicien's from today made special guest aperances in Senfeld'? Like what if Jery took Rihana to the Tony Award's but she spent the whoale nite talking about Chris Brown? Thing's like this make me LOL, I wont lie.

OK man I guess thats it for the intro. Check out the top 7 (for no reasen) music artist cameo's in 'Sinefeld' if 'Seinfeld' still on TV today.

7. "The Gold Tooth"


Garge new GFF Lana Del Ray get new gold tooth and she just show it off to Garge when they meet at the cofee shop. Late that nite, after their sex interacorse and Lana Del Ray is sleping, Gerge atempt to extract the gold tooth from Lana Del Rays mouth, but she wake up and knee him rite in the NARD'S!!!


6. "The Drake"

Krame hate the Drake


5. "The Helmet"

Elane dateing one of the guy's from Daft Punk. Umm just one tiny small problem though, he refuse to take off his mask, even during sex intracorse. Elane eventualy get used to this but feel like the other guy in Daft Punk have a cooler helmet.

JERY: Are you sugesting what I think?
ELANE: The switch?
JERY: Helmet switch!
JERY: No one who has ever dated a guy in Datf Punk has ever succesfuly pulled off the helmet switch


4. "The Reblog"

Garges new GFF Grimes dosent like a post that Garge reblog on tumblr
She breakup w him when Gerge refuse to delete post

GERGE: I JUST reblogged it, I'm not gona turn around and DE-blog it!
JERY: Who would have thuought that joining tumblr would case youre relationship to take a tumble?


3. "The Prank"

While tapeing their prank show Loitar Squad, Tyler The Creater and Earl Sweatshop knock gerge unconsious with a pipe and paint him magenta. When he wake up hes realy hurt, so Tyler and Earl ride with him in the ambluence to the emegency room

TYLER: What the FUCK


2. "The Hot Track"

Diplo get booked for DJ gig in pakistan. Earlier in the nite he have dinner at Babus pakistani restaurant. Babu is amazing, his always standing next to Diplo with a jug of fresh tap water. Then Diplo hear something, he say, "shut up every one for a second." Hes listening to the music playing in the restarant speakers

DIPLO: What is this track
BABU: This is a traditienel pakistan song
DIPLO: Let me buy this record off you man
BABU: OK, you can have it for 8 dolars

Diplo take it back to his stuido and turn it into a track he produce for Beyance next album
He make $2.3 milion dolars for the track


1. "The Weed"

Krame introduces 2009 Justin Beber to weed

2009 JUSTIN BEBER: How did you get in my hopistel room
KRAME: I have some thing that will make you feel better, lets smoke it and then watch the NBA champienship game


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