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RL Grime - "FLOOD" Free Download

By Abdullah Saeed


Art by Sus Boy

Ever since this whole trap thing blew up, RL Grime has been one of the names that keeps popping up, be it on mixes, remixes, e-mixes, threemixes, or wee! mixes. Who'd have thunk that all this would emerge from the experimental side project of electro producer Clockwork.

Either way, there hasn't been a new track from him for a few months. The world, particularly its bass-hungry internet dwellers, craves more RL, and they're not going to find what they need in the pages of a Scholastic catalog. Well, calm yourselves. We've got a fix for you right here. 

"Wanted to thank everyone for the support over the past year, its been amazing. I have a bunch of new RL on the horizon but in the meantime, here's a free single to tide you over. :) #FLOOD"

We also managed to squeeze a few "this or that's" out of RL before he descended back into the crypt. 

LA or New York?

Clockwork or RL Grime?

Reason or Ableton? 

Blondes or brunettes?
Brunettes. +100 for accents

Bass or treble?

Ass or titties?
(  .  Y  .  )

Beer or weed?
Bud Light Lime

60 Minutes or True Blood?
Walking Dead

Mom or Dad?
<3 both



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