Rick Ross is a Terrible Misogynist, But He has No Idea how Molly Works

Sittin' Sidewayz... With Skinny Friedman

By Andrew Friedman


A couple months ago, Rick Ross jumped on Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.” (say it out loud) and implied he dosed a young woman with MDMA and then had his way with her without her knowledge. It was unfortunate because “U.O.E.N.O.” was an otherwise great and weird song with a crazy beat from up-and-coming producer Childish Major. This is the wrong reason people would be finding out about this song. Giving someone drugs without their consent is wrong, especially if it’s so you can take advantage of them later. That’s really not negotiable and I’m not going to waste any words on that topic.

Here’s something to think about, though: do we think Rick Ross even knows what molly does? Because if you want to sneak drugs into someone’s system so you can have sex with them, molly is not a great choice. It’s a mind-expanding stimulant which increases awareness and heightens sensation. Lacing a girl’s champagne with molly is going to make her want to stay at the club longer to dance and make her more focused on doing so. If Rozay dosed a girl, he probably ended up watching her and her friends make out with strangers on the dance floor while he luxuriated in the VIP like some kind of bored Jabba the Hutt. If he brought her home, she spent a lot of time explaining to him how much she likes hanging out with him and also how she really loves her parents. It’s entirely possible this theoretical scenario ends with said girl going home with Future (also featured on “U.O.E.N.O.”). I believe we call that “fanuting.”

This is another friendly reminder that rappers just make shit up in their raps all the time. Like the entire startup industry, a lot of rap is just an imaginary arms race where ordinary dudes claim to have things they do not have. This goes for clothes, cars, sex and even drugs. Rick Ross only talks about molly because he’s supposed to talk about molly. It’s a signifier for a trendy party lifestyle, the right word to use for the space in a Madlib labled “drug.” Unfortunately, it’s a drug that makes no sense given his carefully constructed rap persona. His raps are for either doing lines of blow with powerful people while wearing a silk shirt, or for drinking as much of your dude’s bottle of Ciroq as you can get away with. He’s a boss, an authority figure, a person in control of the situation. He is mentally incapable of letting loose enough to enjoy MDMA.

But again, no rapper is less credible on wax than Rick Ross and one should take everything he says with a kilo of pure uncut Colombian salt. It’s entirely possible he’s a big fluffly emotional teddy bear in real life.

Seriously though, I have some issues with the knee-jerk reaction to Ross’s line, but I’m also okay with sending a loud, unwavering message to the world that giving people drugs without asking them is wrong, especially if you have the stated goal of trying to smash.


Skinny Friedman is a writer and DJ living in New York. He's on Twitter - @skinny412

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