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Retox - "Congratulations, You Are Good Enough" (Official Video)

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By Noisey Staff


These days, it's getting harder and harder to find music that'll bash your fucking brains in. Hearing something that just gushes out pure emotion feels almost too good to be true.

Retox is bringing back that raw power with a unique and somewhat tribal approach to punk rock. So when these SoCal punks sent us their video for , "Congratulations, You Are Good Enough," we spit out our coffee and jumped all over it. The disharmonious guitar riffs melding with the abrasive vocals while being driven by ill tempered percussion forms a track that can't be ignored. Instead of a conceptual or carefully constructed video, Retox decided to do a raw live video for their track that captures their fierce live energy. Retox's new album, YPLL, will be available on May 7th through Epitaph, but if you want to reserve your copy in advance, feel free to pre-order here. If you're trying to see Retox, they'll be on tour starting March 4th and will be heading towards SXSW. Tour dates below.

Retox Tour Dates

March 4 Los Angeles, CA  @ Pehrspace
March 14 list as Austin, TX SXSW @ The Liberty
March 15 San Antonio @ The Korova
March 16 list as Austin, TX SXSW @ The Scoot Inn
March 17 list as Austin, TX SXSW @ Beerland
March 19 Tempe, AZ @ Sail Inn
March 20 San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe

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