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Prince SAMO - "GOJIRA" Official Video (Noisey Exclusive)

By Noisey Staff


If you're not paying attention to the World's Fair crew out of Queens, then you're fucking up something severe, friendo. They manage to do everything that's awesome about the term "Queens Rap" while subtly stretching and massaging the definition of the term--progression and homage, executed perfectly. One of our favorites out of the (very talented) camp is Prince SAMO, whose Street Viceroy mixtape we've been bumping for a while now. Here's an exclusive look at his video for "GOJIRA," a cut from that tape. It's really impossible to explain how awesome the video is, but let's just say this is the only video you're going to see this week that involves both taxidermy and guns. He's David Blaine. He's Godzilla. He's Prince motherfucking SAMO.

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