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Watch the Premiere For Webster X's "Doomsday" and Find Peace in Your New Favorite Rapper


By Ryan Bassil


There's a moment in the latest single from Webster X—a rapper from Wisconsin who released his debut mixtape Desperate Youth in 2014 and has played shows with Mick Jenkins—which feels as soothing as being encased in a den of duvets, chai tea, and slow breathing. The beat trickles in then—exhale—the words drop. "Why the fuck you been stressin'?" raps Webster, posing the question most of us fail to answer when it's important. I heard "Doomsday" hours after having a panic attack and those words helped to calm me down. That's the power of music. You don't need to be dehabilitated to enjoy this track though. Its pacifying remedy can work in any situation.  

"Doomsday" is directed by Cody Laplant & Damien Klaven.