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Premiere: Tamara Sky - "Therapy," Plus FIVE Remixes

By Emerson Rosenthal


In the midst of LA's most prolific period since the Golden Age of Hollywood, psychogoth goddess Tamara Sky's been hard at work defining the sounds of the New Aeon. When we last left off, she had given us Lil Death Live, fifty-two minutes of flesh-tickling techno & industrial. 

Now, she's back with "Therapy," her first official original release, with five genre-blending remixes which we've kindly included below.

At bat, we've got an 8-bit Black Metal bloodletter by technoshaman H3x3n, Deep Sea Punk soulfulness from Ultrademon (lovingly described as "a unicorn K-hole in a levitating jacuzzi"), breakthrough Boston electro duo Glass Teeth's wicked erotic asphyxiatune, an industro-minimal future-dancefloor destroyer from low end darlings Triple Six Sound Club, and, lovingly taking up the anchor, some self-described "leftfield apocalyptic post-garage Mutantronica" from soon-to-be Lil Death superstar, Textbeak. Whew!

The title track itself is an orgy of downtempo dub techno beats and über-sexified vocals (provided by Ms. Sky herself), and if this is any indication, by the time her full EP is out, we'll be more than well acquainted with the future sounds of techno. 

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