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Premiere: LOLGurlz - "Digital Divaz" feat. Uniique (Exclusive Video + Download)

By Emerson Rosenthal


We interrupt your scheduled Valentine's Day programming to bring you tidings from the deep web. 

An official statement from the anonymous, eponymous LOLGurlz

This EP is for the retweeters, dickeaters, hypebeasts, and freaks.
We call it hoodrat realness.
We didn't make it for other producers.
Music made by producers for producers is beyond boring, 2000 and late, weak and wick wick wack.
We do whatever we want.
The "music elite" or whatever u may want to call it is trash/basura.
We've been talking with Uniique for a while about writing a track 2gether and wanted to give her something out of her comfort zone.
The nature of what we are doing is virtual-organic.
Believe it or not, it's not well thought-out. 

Inspirations include: 
Venus X

If ppl like it cool if not they can eat a dick.


And with that, we bring you Digital Divaz:

Download the track here and buy the Digital Divaz EP here. I can guarantee it'll be the best $1 you spend all day. Follow them into the future @LOLGURLZ4REAL. Just don't say I didn't warn you.



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