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PREMIERE: Eels - "Lockdown Hurricane"


By Ryan Bassil


Two words dominate 90% of all music related conversation: under-rated and over-rated.
The criteria with which one uses the two words is different each time. For example - a band can be over-rated because they've sold lots of albums (Coldplay), keyboard-critics in Brooklyn like them (Perfect Pussy), or because they've defined themselves as great (anything by Bono). But an artist can still sell a lot of records and be under-rated (Iggy Pop) or they can be under-rated because only keyboard-critics in Brooklyn like them (Perfect Pussy). It all depends on the band and the person that's doing the talking - which, this time, is The Eels and Me.
The Eels are terminally under-rated. Led by Mark Everett and his inter-changing band, they've released 11 official records of brilliance that've escaped most music fans ears. E has put out a bunch of other material, an autobiography, and all sorts of memorabilia - if you've watched any of the Shrek films you will recognise his voice. They're brilliant and they're under-rated because not enough people know they're brilliant. Thankfully you've got another chance for real to recognise real - he's released his latest record The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett and in advance we've got the premiere of his new video "Lockdown Hurricane." It's a bit of a tear-jerking tune but the video also features sex so, you know, it all evens out.
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