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Premiere: Bryant Dope x Hannibal King ft. Anthm, "NNY"

By Noisey Staff


Good morning, (New) New York! Hope your days are going better than this weather, which is terrible and not indicative of the springtime that we are purportedly in. Fortunately, we've got a new one from Bryant Dope and his go-to producer Hannibal King to gift your ears this morning. Dope's been kicking it around Queens for a hot minute, having released the low-key classic tape Queens Kids and playing shows around the city at a relentless rate. Riding a sample from Gil Scott-Heron, Bryant and Anthm (who made an EP with Blu entitled Handful of Dust that you should also check out if you like rapping of the underground variety) talk that old shit in a way that feels completely new. Bryant Dope is releasing his New New York mixtape on May 7th on Young One, and if you don't download it, you are incorrect.

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