Nick Gazin's Photos Of Girls At Shows - Volume 24

Photos of Girls at Shows

By Nick Gazin



Dear Lookers,

Everyone has a camera, but I think that the images I make with mine are so good that you should look at them. Here are my photos of girls at shows. 

Also! A German blog called Amy & Pink did a feature on my girl photos. What's most interesting is their written introduction, which, when put into Google Translator, tickles me to no end. I am glad that I was finally recognized as a "self-proclaimed celebration stallion grazing in the dark." Check this out:

"Why do we find all these parties ever again and again? The annoying aufstylen late at night, going out in the cold, the brazen, the stupidity of almost unsurpassable Stupid-in-the-corner-and-rumstehen embarrassing-when-people-must-attend-jumping around? That's right, because we want to see girls! Drunk girl, hungry girl, loud girl!

Nicholas Gazin it's no different. The artist and self-proclaimed celebration stallion grazing in the dark through the streets of New York and entry gives the funniest events of the east coast to catch only to unsuspecting copies of the female sex. While drinking, the chucks, the rigid stare hung before him, lost in thought, thinking of bad things."

You can see the feature with some of my best girl photos here. The German commentators all think my photos of girls are boring. What a bunch of photo nazis.

See you in the pit!



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