Tour Date-ing - Lord Dying

By Noisey Staff


Welcome to Tour Date-ing, a new column where we post an artist's tour dates, but only if they answer our weird questions about sex. First up is Portland sludge outfit Lord Dying, whose album Summon the Faithless is out now on Relapse. We're also premiering their bonus track "Value of Pity" below. As you listen to it, consider that Lord Dying guitarist Chris Evans also used this space to refer to his penis as a "meat dangle."

Noisey: What do you look for in a potential mate?
Chris Evans: I look for someone who will watch me play angry birds for hours on end.

Best makeout jam of all time?
"The Gates of Delirium" by Yes. Over 20 minutes of makeout awesomeness. 

What is the difference between "making love" and "fucking"?
Making love is when you're fucking someone you love.

Have you ever heard or seen your parents having sex?
Luckily, no!

Favorite slang for a penis?
Meat dangle

Which is sexier: having sex while a fog machine is blowing fog over everything so it's like you're having sex in a medieval dungeon, or having sex in an abandoned Medieval Times?
I own a fog machine for this reason so I'll stick to that.

Tour Dates: 
Oct 10 Missoula, MT The Palace
Oct 11 Portland OR Mississippi Studios w/Orange Goblin, Holy Grail, Lazer/wulf
Oct 18 Boise, ID The Shredder
Oct 19 Salt Lake City, UT Burt's Tiki Lounge
Oct 20 Denver, CO 3 Kings Tavern
Oct 22 Tulsa, OK Downtown Lounge w/Self Inflicted
Oct 23 Dallas, TX Bryan St Tavern w/Black Queen
Oct 24 Austin, TX Housecore Horror Film Fest @ Dirty Dog Bar
Oct 29 Tucson, AZ The Rock w/Black Queen
Oct 30 San Diego, CA The Void w/Archons, Black Queen
Oct 31 Halloween TBA
Nov 01 Sacramento, CA Blue Lamp w/Psychosomatic, Ghulehim, Valley of thonres
Nov 02 Arcata, CA Alibi w/Black Queen

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