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Listen To "A Little Death," the Neighbourhood's Slinky New Banger

By Benjamin Shapiro


The Neighbourhood just sent us the new single off their upcoming Thank You, seven-inch, out in January of 2013. For all you copyeditors out there, that's not a comma splice, the record has a comma after its title. The track is called "A Little Death," and if you can't tell from the title, it's about doing the horizontal mambo and superglue. Or more specifically, the short period of melancholy that follows the loss of our precious bodily fluids. 

This Californian quintet is used to putting out baby-making music. In fact, most of their songs have that slinky, moody R&B vibe perfect for nights and weekends. And most importantly, unlike most nerds in the indie rock sandbox, these guys aren't afraid to groove, baby. 

The video for this little gem will be out later this month. Starting tomorrow, December 18th, you can pre-order the Thank You 7" (or act like a millennial and snag the digital download) right here. It'll be on iTunes tomorrow too.

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