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Kreayshawn Gets Played In Her Own Video Game


The Beatles have their own edition of Rockband, Michael Jackson has his own DDR-style game, and Oakland's Kreayshawn has her own version of...Grand Theft Auto? Not exactly, but thanks to techy über-fan Beth Maher, the controversial rapstress now joins Jeff Mangum in the growing list of artists-who-probably-should-not-have-video-games-but-hey-we're-not-complaining.

The four-level platform game, inspired by homegirl's explosively popular label-bashing single "Gucci Gucci", was created by Maher over the course of a six-week Flash game design workshop. Take a crack at the aptly titled Kreayshawn: The Game here and see if you have what it takes to mow down basic bitches with fireballs of swag (unfortunately, Kre's "pear-handled kitty cat" is not a featured weapon). We haven't reached the boss level yet, but we wouldn't be surprised if it was one big room, fulla bad bitches...