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Stream Kanye West's "Awesome," a Song Presumedly About How Awesome He Thinks Kim Kardashian Is

Holy Shit

By Eric Sundermann


via Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Another day in the build-up to Kanye West's upcoming record So Help Me God, and another piece of Kanye West news. This time around, it's a new-ish song called "Awesome," which features warbly auto-tuned singing from Kanye about how sweet he thinks his significant other is. We say "new-ish" because Ye played this song a couple years ago at his performance at the Met Ball in 2013, a couple months before the release of Yeezus. There are also rumors that Kanye's laptop was stolen while in Paris, so here's to hoping Yeezy's got iCloud set up. 

UPDATE: Def Jam tells Complex that the rumors of Kanye's laptop being stolen are false.

Stream "Awesome" below.

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