Kanye "Rocks" Saterday Nite Live with Two New Track's

By @Seinfeld2000


Editor's Note: @Seinfeld2000 is an entity we found on Twitter who imagines if Seinfeld was never canceled and was still an NBC comedy program today. It's probably the best thing on the Internet right now, and if you don't get it you probably will never get it. Anyways, we got in contact with @Seinfeld2000 and told him/her/it/them that they could write about whatever they wanted, unedited. Several hours later, this is what they sent us.

In case youve been living under a rock, Kanye West he performed two new goth song's called "New Slave (Im On My Period Mix)" and "Im Pretend Angry About Corprete Culture" on the skech comedy show Saterday Nite Live on Saturday nite (ummm, obviesly it was on Saterday nite you wierdo!!!!). Any way these track's are defenitely INSTENT contender's for "Song of the summer" status. Just kiding! Honestly, their both terible.

But then, its like, k, if youve been living under a rock, maybe you have biger problem's than finding a Panesonic TC-P50X60 50" HD Plasma TV to watch SNL (Saterday nite live) on LOL!! Because, like, youd have so many isues with your back becuase the rock your living under would be prety heavy. Or maybe not. Who know's, maybe theres just a hole under the rock and you are actualy live below, deep benethe the earth's crust, inside a deceptevely "swag out" apertment and the rock is just the door to your home and you just press a touch screen in youre apertment and the top of the rock just open up SO smothly and you climb up and your in the midle of the desert and theres a talking CGI scorpien and the scorpien just go rite up to youre face and go: "Hey, did you hear Kanye West perform on Saterday nite live?"

Speaking of rock's, are any of you guy's into the TV show Sienfeld? If youve never seen it, defenitely vimeo it. Anyway if your too lazy or watever (no jugement), it was a prety popular show in the 1990's but then NBC canceled it in 1998 for low rating's.

Sometime's i wonder what Senfeld would be like if it was still on TV today. Like what if Dwaine "The Rock" Jonson special guest star in an epsode?

Imagen: Dwaine "The Rock" Jonson would be dateing Elane and one nite he suprise her by cooking her dinner as his method to obtaine V-access from Elane (which is perfect becuase shes in her 50's now and is unable to have childbirth so you know what that mean's – he dosent have to put a condam on his "Dwaine JONSON" aka penis!!). So its prety romantic but then while hes cooking he use his catch phraise "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?" Well elane can defenitely smell what "The Rock" is cooking because sudenly the whoale meal is burning!!!! Anyway the epsode would end with elanes apertment building burning to the ground and elane has lost all her posessien's and she is crying becuase she lost a photo of herself and her decease father taken when she was 12 year's old and he took her to Coney islend and bought her cotten candy and her father, who dosent usualy smile, is give her the most loveing smile. Needless to say elane dosent want to see Dwaine "The Rock" Jonson ever againe and during the credit's we just see dwaine jonson masterbating with a deeply disapointed look in his eye's.

Well elane, I hate to say it but maybe its youre fault for not investing in an HP Scanjet G3110 Photo Scaner and scan the sentimentel photo and then email it to your self! This technolegy exist's in modarn times.

Anyway, those Kanye song's are both tied for the worst song i've ever heard in my life.


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