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Iggy Azalea: "Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)" Video

By Noisey Staff


I have to say, for a hot minute there I was like, "gurl, WTF are you doing, stop modeling and put out some new music already". So Iggy's shut me up by releasing the slightly thrown together visuals for the trap-tastic track "Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)". It features all the shit I've grown to love from Azalea (a million outfit changes, T&A and a healthy helping of attitude) with some now kinda ubiqituous but pretty kaleidoscope effects thrown in by director Bell Soto.

"Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)" is the taken off Azalea’s upcoming mixtape, TrapGold, set to drop October 11.

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