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Here Is K-Holes' New Video

By Benjamin Shapiro


Here’s K-Holes’ new video for “Rats,” a song about how New Yorkers and New York rats are basically in the same ballpark; they’re both scared, live in cramped, filthy spaces, and eat shit most of the time. It was directed by Micki Pellerano, one of our favorite sick-minded Brooklyn artists who’s also been known to pluck a bass guitar for pseudo-pagan neofolk tricksters Cult Of Youth. The video is shot in start black and white, and finds a bunch of nuns, librarians, and preachers doing what they do best; punishing the youth for their own sick, psycho-sexual whims. It's also got a "Who Are You, Polly Magoo?" vibe that we're really into.

The video is the second from Dismania, K-Holes’ recent LP. It came out today on Hardly Art, which is pretty much our favorite label on this whole shitty planet. You can pick up the record right here, and if you live in the rat kingdom, you can check out the release party this Saturday, May 5, at Secret Project Robot in Brooklyn—here’s the info.

If you need more convincing, you can get a free MP3 download of “Rats” right here, perfect for bumping on your morning commute through the garbage-addled streets of your chosen urban apocalypse.

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