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Heavy Cream - "Prison Shanks" (Official Video)


By Noisey Staff


God this rules. Today I came into work all angry, but once I popped this new Heavy Cream track on the stereo it literally shook the dust out of my ears and made me happy enough to literally join a gym. Like, that's what this video did to me. This morning. 

Unless you're over 70, or you've been on a silent yoga retreat for the past Heavy Cream is a band of three girls and one boy from Nashville. It seems like you can't swing a Wizard's Staff of tall boys in Nashville without hitting a band worth grinding to. This is presumably how Heavy Cream found their way onto Infinity Cat Records, the homegrown Nashville label run by JEFF the Brotherhood.

Heavy Cream released their most recent full length through the label last May, and it's called Super Treatment. That's why we were sort of confused when they sent in the video for "Prison Shanks" last week. Didn't this record come out almost a year ago? Heavy Cream, what have you girls (and guy) been up to for the past year? I like to think that you spent all that time working on this killer video, which follows two wayward girls as they bust out of jail, dance in a bathroom, ride a motorcycle, and cold beans out of the can. Then they rob a house and end up back in jail. Idiots. I'm pretty sure that these girls are both in the band but I'm too lazy to email Heavy Cream back so I'm just going to say it's them. Journalism!

This video was directed by the hypertalented Lina Plioplyte, who runs a video production company with the most adorable name any of us have ever heard: Teenage Peanut Video Productions. You should also pick up the Super Treatment LP by clicking right here, right now. 

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