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Take Off Your Pants and Listen to Donovan Wolfington's New Song


By Dan Ozzi


When Donovan Wolfington (killer name, by the way) sent us their forthcoming EP, Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark, it fucked us up. In a good way. It’s a scattered mix of about a dozen genres rolled into one. Some parts party punk, other parts post-hardcore, even a little 90s alterna-rock and grunge mixed in. We dug it. So we said, “Hey Donovan Wolfington (again, killer name), send us a band photo.” And they were like, “OK, do you want one of us in our underwear?” And we were like, “No, not really, just a regular band photo is fine.” And they were all, “Are you sure? We can get that for you real quick.” And we said, “Look, we don’t want a goddamn underwear photo. Just send us a normal photo.” Above is what they sent in. You’ve seen their semi-nudes, now check out their song “Keef Ripper” below.

Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark is out via Topshelf Records on April 8.

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