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DJ Khaled Got Lost at Sea on His Jet Ski but Don't Worry He's OK Now


By Noisey Staff


Screenshot via Snapchat

Over the past few days, DJ Khaled's Snapchat feed has gone from (rightfully) beloved fan favorite account to full-scale phenomenon, with imitators galore (including Justin Bieber). Which is fortunate because it means that the world is watching as Khaled navigated the dark waters off the coast of Miami on his jet ski.

Earlier today, after a four-course lunch at home, Khaled left his house on his jet ski, narrowly avoided the police, and headed to Rick Ross's house for another lunch ("lunch was amazing" in case you were wondering). On the way home, he actually ran into the police —who, as loyal watchers of Khaled's Snapchat know, do not want you to jet ski. And that's when things got hairy because it got dark. And DJ Khaled was still jet skiing. And documenting the whole thing.

It got scary—"It's dark. It's so dark. It's so real out here right now"; "This shit real out here, boy"; "The only reason you see anything is because I got the flash on"—but never so scary we couldn't get some words of wisdom: "The key is not to drive the jet ski in the dark. It's against the law at night, there's that. This ain't right."

Fortunately, after several more harrowing snaps, Khaled appears to have made it home. "God is good," he declares in his most recent snap. "We made it. Never said it was easy to win. Feels good to be back on the pathway to more success. Feels great. Lion!"

Follow along with the screenshots below and catch the whole video on Khaled's snapchat, djkhaled305:








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