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Clear Plastic Masks' Video for "So Real" Is Like a Juice Cleanse, but with Booze


By Noisey Staff


There's an inescapable charm to a good alcohol-soaked butt-rock song. Take Clear Plastic Masks' video for "So Real," which finds the band going on what appears to be a juice cleanse, but for booze. Hard liquor is imbibed. Trash cans get vomited in. Fireworks get shot into the infinite night. Dudebros exchange dudebro hugs. The shaggy drunk-punk charm of the band holds everything together, to the point where you're already probably wondering what album this will be on that you can buy with your/your parents' hard-earned American currency. The answer to that would be: Clear Plastic Masks will be releasing their album Being There on May 26th on Serpants & Snakes Records. Pre-order it on iTunes here and Amazon here.

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