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Check Out This New Split Seven-Inch from David Yow and Child Bite

By Noisey Staff


For most artists, making a song slowly turns into an a gut-wrenching obsession to express what is within oneself. That drive never goes away. Although The Jesus Lizard isn't quite around anymore, the frontman, David Yow, is still creating beautiful tracks. Off the upcoming seven-inch triple split Cause & Effect, "Thee Itch" is his terrifying new track that constructs a doom-filled atmosphere and hair-rising percussion that kicks your brain down some stairs into a smelly dungeon. As the track progresses, it truly feels like you're listening to the music in a survival-horror video game.

Cause & Effect will be the first of an annual series that features three separate split seven-inch records which each adhere to an overarching theme: an influential, historically-significant solo musician on Side A, and the modern result of that musical influence on Side B. Along with Yow, it also features tracks from Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Folk Implosion) and Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Cause & Effect will definitely be a lot more than a simple release and it's definitely worth grabbing if you enjoy listening to music that is good.

Check the stream of David Yow, and the B-side "Abysmal Splatter" by Child Bite, below, and pre-order one of these hand numbered, limited edition presses from Joyful Noise.

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