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Bun B And Detroit Producer 14KT Live "The Life"


So. You're a rising producer straight out of Rock City and you've just taken top honors at Red Bull's Big Tune competition. What are you going to do now? Go to Disneyland?

Unelss you're a sugar-freebasing 6-year-old or a professional football player in 1987 (with roughly the same IQ), definitely not. No, you're going to spend some quality time in the studio with none other than the OG of trill, Bun B

For those of you who don't know, Red Bull does a lot more than give you wings, heart palpitations, and an exciting dash of incontinence. As well as a slew of XXXXXXXTREME sporting events, Red Bull stages Big Tune, a showdown that pits producers tête-à-tête, mano-a-mano, to mix, master, and play their creations in front of a live audience. It's kind of like the Gladiatorial Games, but with a little less blood and way more Serato.

The latest champ with the biggest of tunes is 14KT, a Detroit producer who has worked with Danny "Greatest Rapper Ever" Brown and Aloe "Dude Really Needs a Dollar" Blacc. What does this guy get for winning over the hearts and ears of the Big Tune audience? Among other things (like a pretty decent chunk of change), 14KT was granted the chance hop in the Red Bull studio and record and exclusive track with the artist of his choice. The Motor City music maven tapped Bun B, and the result is this scorching, soulful track entitled "The Life."

Check out "The Life" below:

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