Billy Corgan Stars in an Unbelievably Stupid Furniture Commercial To Make Ends Meet and the 90s Officially End

By Noisey Staff


If you're looking for one more nail to drive into the coffin of 90s alt-cred, this commercial for Walter E. Smithe Furniture in Illinois should work nicely. Not because it uses a Smashing Pumpkins soundtrack or anything: Because Billy Corgan is actually starring in the damn thing. Somehow the owners of this US furniture chain, which "makes, sells, and repairs furniture," got the original Zero to act in their commercial, which features Corgan directing pro-wrestlers to kick the snot out of some dweebs after a musical chairs dispute. Kind of makes you want to buy some furniture, right?

Corgan is pretty big in the Chicago indie wrestling world: Last year he launched a pro-wrestling promotion called Resistance Pro Wrestling. Considering that he sold his condo this week (at a loss of half a million dollars), it seems like Corgan is a bit hard up for cash, but this is just embarrassing.

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