AlunaGeorge Visits the London Basement Where They Had Their Turning Point

By Noisey Staff


The internet is a wonderful thing for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it allows people to meet who would otherwise never have crossed paths. That's essentially the story of how the electronic music duo of AlunaGeorge was formed when they met in 2009 after George Reid remixed Aluna Francis' vocals from her band's track, Sweetheart. However, that same internet allowed them to exist solely behind closed doors without ever having to venture out and perform live for the fans they accumulated, letting them exist virtually behind the glossy veneer of a computer monitor. The major turning point for AlunaGeorge was when they decided to complete every "real band's" rite of passage by presenting themselves to an actual, flesh and blood crowd.

Performing in a mysterious basement somewhere in the UK doesn't seem like a particularity terrifying quest for the same AlunaGeorge that was nominated for a 2013 BRIT Award of Critics' Choice, but since it was their first performance since their online birth it was a positively nerve-racking experience for the duo. It was also a quick way for them to quell any criticisms of them not having any credibility due to their lack of live performances while giving them a chance to go from a virtual band to an actual one.

Aluna's description of their set feeling like a weird karaoke gig performed to a large but intimate crowd may be apt, but any nerves that they had during that set never materialized as an error or accident while on stage.  Thankfully AlunaGeorge was able to sing and bear the stress as they held the small theater's attention long enough to feel like they got away with their first successful show. It's a turning point that helped make AlunaGeorge who they are today and one that gave them the confidence to go out and perform their recently charted Top 40 UK Singles to a crowd significantly larger than one that could cram into a basement theater.

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