Actually Huizenga, Geneva Jacuzzi, and Renata Rashka Got Weird at a Hollywood Strip Club... No, Weirder


By Rebecca Smeyne


Things that don't happen often enough in strip clubs: performance art shows.

The combo would work well for a private party, but it's even better when the art takes place alongside dancers on a public night; the faces on the confused bros left in the wake are priceless. Such was the scene Saturday at Hollywood's Cheetahs for an event organized by Actually Huizenga with artists Geneva Jacuzzi and Renata Raksha. Actually, a smoking hot DIY video starlet, was fête-ing the premiere of her latest sex-infused opus "Superfuture," which she screened on a bed-sheet before performing a round of her catchy saccharine singles. Clad in a clear plastic outfit covered in puffy-painted logos (courtesy of designer Peggy Noland, who was sitting up front tossing dollars), Actually was flanked by her band and an exotic dancer named Malice, who—according to the business card she gave me—is a professional "video slut," among other talents (indeed, she's in the "Superfuture" video). Renata, a photographer who also directed the stunning new Brooke Candy video, kicked off the evening with her piece, a clever monologue about Herbalife delivered in a bald wig while wielding a leaf-blower and barking at a pole-grinder (in her native Russian accent) to "keep dancing."

The evening's climax came around 1AM when retrofuturist weirdo Geneva Jacuzzi took the stage for an extended, perfectly bizarre set during which she vacuumed glitter and sang numbers like "Executive Briefcase" and "Squid Hunter" before finally stealing her assistant's costume and tearing apart the set props, all for an audience whose front row included aforementioned alt-rapper Brooke Candy, sitting next to aforementioned confused bros. Score one for LA nightlife.


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