A History of Daft Punk Appearing in Commercials for Things

By Becky Bass


News broke this week that a new Daft Punk album definitely possibly may drop this spring. Normally new albums bring new tours, but so far all we have is a Daft-free Coachella (despite faint rumors to the contrary) and expert proclamations that the French dance duo is likely not showing up in your town at any point in 2013. As a consolation, we offer up this set of less conventional Daft Punk performances, a reminder that electronic pyramids aren't built in a day, but they are built by taking money from people in exchange for them putting your songs in a commercial.  


A far cry from the high fashion of Hedi Slimane, Daft Punk go full (relaxed) denim on denim in this Gap commercial featuring Juliette Lewis getting down to the duo's "Digital Love" in flares and a jaunty hat that reminds you this was filmed in 2001.



According to this Time Magazine article (and general cultural stereotyping), the Japanese really love their robots, particularly the humanoid variety, which they basically view as flesh and blood. So it's only fitting then that two robotic humans were tapped to launch Sony Ericsson's Premini mobile phone in the land before iPhone.



Daft Punk speak! With the voice of a Speak and Spell! And they're promoting a block of music videos that can only be seen on a television!  It's just like the new 90's nostalgia Internet Explorer commercial, only this is 2001 and an advertisement for Cartoon Network's 1/2 cartoon 1/2 tsunami programming block Toonami.



It's Star Wars, but with Daft Punk. And Snoop Lion. And Oasis. And a dude from Undeclared. It also has 6 million views, so there's that. 



Daft Punk don't actually show up for this commercial, but their single "Aerodynamic" does, as vigorously played on piano by British multi-hyphenate Myleene Klass. Because nothing says body and volume and like non-E DM? 


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