50 Cent Thinks the Rick Ross Drive-by Thing Was Bullshit

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By Drew Millard


Over the weekend, someone shot over a dozen bullets at Rick Ross and missed. The 37 year-old rapper and a female associate were leaving a Fort Lauderdale, Florida diner in Ross's Rolls Royce at around 5 a.m. when somebody shot roughly fifteen bullets at them and missed. Ross then crashed the vehicle into a building, which you can see a blurry screencap of above via 50 Cent's Instagram feed.

As you can see, Mr. Cent kinda thinks that Ross didn't actually get shot at and faked a drive-by because there aren't bulletholes in the car, though the Miami Herald reports that the diner that Ross and his friend were eating at was struck and the car wasn't.

This entire set of allegation from 50 puts Rick Ross in a weird position. On one hand, 50's trying to force Rick Ross into either saying that he staged an attempt on his own life, or admit that people are actively trying to kill him, neither of which are particularly savory options if you're a rap superstar.

Furthermore, this isn't the first time somebody has called bullshit on Ross. The rapper canceled shows in Chicago and North Carolina, allegedly on account of threats from chapters of the Gangster Disciples criminal organization that were posted on YouTube. Is Rick Ross full of shit? Is he as gangster as he claims to be? Was this actually an attempt on his life, or did someone just want to scare him? On one hand, Rick Ross was definitely a Corrections Officer at a prison. On the other hand, they found a dead body inside of Rick Ross's house one time.

Authenticity within the context of hip-hop is a thorny subject. For whatever reason, Rick Ross has made someone mad, and they wanted him to know about it, and 50 Cent made a shitty joke about the whole thing on Instagram.


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