50 Cent Hawked His Headphones On QVC

By Drew Millard


50 Cent has the eyes of a man who has stared down death and spat in its face. The thing about death face-spitting is it's transformative. You're a definitively different person once you've been shot nine times. I've met the artist formerly known as Curtis Jackson twice now, and each time has been a disconcerting experience--he's just not entirely there, and it's all in his eyes. Usually this is fine, since as a rapper he plays the role of a cold-blooded killer and heartless lothario, so "Nice Guy Whose Gaze Doesn't Make Babies Cry" is usually not a role he is called upon to play. However, 50's  a whip-smart entrepreneur, and he knows that when he's got a product to hawk the quickest way to make it sell is to put his face in front of America and make us remember he made a little album called Get Rich Or Die Trying, so we should open up our wallets and give him all of our money.

This happened yesterday when 50 and his cold, dead doll's eyes hit QVC to hawk his line of SMS headphones, which reportedly sold out in nine minutes. Also, he shamelessly hit on the QVC ladies. It's 100% bizarre, and also I own a pair of the headphones he was selling and they're honestly not that great, even when you're listening to that Onyx song he's on where he raps from the penalty box.